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Welcome to my blog. A quick background so we got that out of the way. I’m an ex ad man. Worked and lived in Tokyo/Kyoto, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Tokyo again, Amsterdam and now finally residing in the ‘city on the sea‘ Den Haag (The Hague). When a new client read my resume she exclaimed ‘Mon Dieu…your career sounds like a perfume commercial!’

This however was short-circuited by Parkinson’s Disease. Which posed a nagging question: ‘Is there life after advertising?’ What are you supposed to do when the one-trick-pony can’t perform that one trick any longer?  ‘Then you find another way of telling stories’ was a helpful answer.
So here’s a first stab at telling stories. Primarily told visually. For instance through a selection out of the plethora of photo challenges that reside on the web these days.

(For those of you who might be wondering about the origins of the lead photo at the top: the photographer is Russian by the name of Katerina Belkina. More details can be found in this post. Contrary to what most people think when glancing at this picture – namely a dead old lady lying in the grass – Katerina tells quite a different story. The work bears the title ‘The birdwatcher’.)

6 Word Story

There are even shorter way of getting a story across. In principal, all it takes is a single word. Or two. For instance:

two word short story
Picture by P.G. Monateri

But let us stick with (a hybrid form) the 6 word story first. Hemingway’s example ‘For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.’ is probably world famous. Although strictly speaking it is simply a case of plagiarism, as I explain here.
There are numerous blogs etc. about this phenomena. One of my favorites is on reddit. And while you’re there, the top 500 of last year will put at least a smile on your face. My favorite: “Wait, you have AIDS?” asked Dracula.

Some photo challenges focus on using a picture and a 6 word story line to get the story across. For instance:

six word story challenge
Jesus, I’m pregnant…! But from whom?

Photo challenges

The art of storytelling is not confined to the verbal telling as we all know (as I’m sure you’re familiar with movies, TV and series). There’s this age-old cliché about a picture telling a thousand words. While this is certainly not true in many cases, some pictures and photos do pass that test. There’s a plethora of story telling challenges on the old Interweb going around that use photos as the main medium to tell a story, photo challenge blogs. I simply love these, as they separate the chaff from the wheat when it comes to what I call a good photo.

By far the largest part of this blog centers around my entrees into these photo challenges.

11 thoughts on “Short stories • Told verbally and visually.

  1. Hello from another ad agency rat. :)) Was a copywriter for many years.

    Fascinating blog you have here.
    And was lovely to have you link up with us on #WordlessWednesday.
    Looking forward to reading your stories.

    More power to you.

    1. I’m told that given the circumstances (phase 4 since the diagnosis 15 years ago) I can’t complain. And I don’t. It’s a whole ‘new’ life. With a completely new set of ‘challenges’…

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