Psychedelic Lines • Becky’s Lines&Squares #23


Psychedelic lines for Becky’s Lines&Squares Challenge

I’m saving the full story behind Janis Joplin and her beloved Porsche in psychedelic lines for another post. Probably featuring more 60s & 70s stars and their cars. I’ll suffice to say here she bought this 1964 Porsche (when it came in an off-factory dull grey) second hand. At the time she paid $3,500 for it. She then gave one of her roadies, Dave Richards, $500 and a blank canvas to re-paint it.

Psychedelic Lines Janis Joplin & her Porsche
Psychedelic lines

The roadie, Dave Richards, called his masterpiece ‘The History of the Universe’. In true psychedelic fashion after he had completely covered the car with images of Big Brother and the Holding Company (Joplin’s band). As well as California landscapes, the Eye of God, Janis’ astrological sign (Capricorn), skulls, mushrooms, butterflies, and more.

While Janis Joplin sang one of the most memorable lines in automotive history ‘All my friends they drive Porsche’s, I must make amends…Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz’ she faithfully drove her Porsche virtually everyday she was not on tour, until she departed for good in 1970.

Psychedelic Lines 3
Janis Joplin & ‘The History of the Universe’

To save the rest for another day, Joplin’s Porsche was, after some abuse to restore the grey paint job, restored to its psychedelic lines. It was finally auctioned at Sotheby’s for no less than $ 1.76 million to an unknown buyer. In typical Sotheby’s fashion, they have never disclosed his/her name.

The History of the Universe
The History of the Universe Photo Sergio Calleja
History of the Universe • sideways
The History of the Universe with the line up of Big Brother and the Holding Company on the front fend

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Lita Cabellut Cracks & Lines • Becky’s Lines&Squares #21

Cracks & Lines

Lita Cabellut Cracks & Lines for Becky’s Lines&Squares Challenge

Cracks & Lines Square
Lita Cabellut Cracks & Lines

Came across this painting at the ART The Hague fair a couple of weeks ago.

It mesmerized me, and looking at this picture it still does. Without the cracks and lines it would totally lose its attraction.

But typically me, I lost the piece of paper where I had jotted down the title and artist’s name… But Becky B was able out help me out with the artist, who is Lita Cabellut. And according to Wikipedia she is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands. Cabellut works on large scale canvases using a contemporary variation of the fresco technique.

Lita Cabellut portrait
Lita Cabellut

If you like her work just as much, it’s definitely worthwhile to pay her site a visit.

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Monday Window – Oct. 21, 2019

dungeon windows for monday window challenge

Dungeon windows is my entry in this Monday Window – Oct.21,2019 blog.

dungeon windows for monday window - Oct. 21, 2019 blog post
Dungeon windows

This photo I took in a place called Naarden Vesting in the Netherlands. This dungeon was well below the city walls that protected this town from (predominantly) the Spanish during the 80 years war. A war that raged from 1548 until 1628 (with a 12 year truce from 1609-1621).

Just try and imagine the fact that you were born when a war was raging, and you die in war time. As the average age during that period was well below 80 years.

And just to think about being captured as one of the bad guys and being locked up here.

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Tuesday Photo Challenge • Back Catalog

Lines to keep us in

Back Catalog • the challenge seems quite simple really:
‘My challenge to you is to find an image in your back catalog that still grabs your attention and share it! Of course, if you want to re-interpret the image with what you have gained over the years, feel free to do so. Any kind of image is appropriate for this challenge! Let us know why this image still gets your attention!’

back catalog
Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, 2008

Here’s my (first) entry to Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge. Picking this photo from my back catalog was a far from easy process.

Anyways, walking across to the other side made me feel I was trapped in an aviary. I was told by one of the ‘natives’ the lines, or nets if you will, were put in place to avoid people jumping.

She quite clearly wasn’t a fan of Rudy Giuliani’s policies: ‘if you don’t know how to tackle the real reasons, it’s safest for your re-election to tackle the symptoms.’

I’ve often been amazed at the pragmatism of Americans.

A disclaimer. I’ve just been getting interested in digital photography. I traded my analog Nikon F3 and some older bodies and lenses for a digital Leica, but I don’t really carry it around much. Find it much too bulky. Most shots I simply take with my iPhone, and do some polishing afterwards…
The featured photo was taken with a cheap (as so many of my pics in my back catalog) Panasonic camera.

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Round • One Word Sunday

round 16:9 lead pic

Round for Debbie’s One Word Sunday Challenge

Round for One Word Sunday
Artist Viktor Freso

Took this photo at an art show in Amsterdam earlier this year. The installation, of which this head was part, was the highlight of the show (at least in my mind).

It was part of a much bigger installation

Viktor Freso's Installation from behind
Viktor Freso’s installation

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Picking away and singing the blues • Six Word Saturday Oct. 26, 2019

Picking away and singing the blues 16:9

Picking away and singing the blues is my first entry into #sixwordsaturday.

Picking away and singing the blues.

For Six Word Saturday.

Came across this blues-y busker on a trip to Valencia, Spain. I was so caught by him, his appearance, his repertoire and his introvert way of performing (the only way blues can properly sang, in my mind), that I stayed. For more than an hour or so. Afterwards I gave him a €20 note.

To my surprise he objected and wanted to give me at least half back in the small change he had. But I told him nowhere in Valencia, or in the world for that matter I could listen to blues like that, sitting on the front row for that little money. Bought his CD, which was called ‘Blues Lines‘.

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Istanbul lines • Lines&Squares #18 • FunPhotoChallengeLines

Istanbul lines

Istanbul lines
Istanbul lines

For Becky’s Lines & Squares Challenge and Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge (CFFC).

These Istanbul lines are where men wash their hands and feet before the enter the mosque.

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