Staying within the lines • Becky’s Lines & Squares #5

Day 5 of Becky’s lines & squares challenge… I’ve never been known as someone who likes ‘staying within the lines’. So I found the title of this challenge particularly interesting. Especially since I was visiting an art fair in town. Its location was more of a lure than anything else, as it was in the old Fokker Terminal (a 1,200 m2, 9m-high hangar, skirted by classrooms), which is situated in the old industrial area of the city (where, up until a few years back, you didn’t want to be found even dead.)
To my complete surprise I spotted this graffiti in the parking lot. It caught my eye for a number of reasons. It hasn’t been ruined (yet) by those pitiful people who spray their ‘signature’ over somebody else’s work. But moreover because this graffiti artist has made it a point to painstakingly color within the lines.

But what I found the most striking and beautiful example of staying within the lines is the art piece below. It’s by Katerina Belkina, represented by Gallery Lilja Zakirova.

Becky's lines & squares challenge • staying within the lines 2
Katerina Belkina • ‘Bird catcher. Jorinde und Joringel’

One of those rare photos I wish I had taken.

But here are more photos that play to the tune of this edition of Becky’s lines & squares challenge.

Becky's Lines & Squares challenge - Karin-van-Dam-Lichen-Korstmos
Karin van Dam – Lichen (Korstmos)
Karin van Dam - Lichen (Korstmos)
Karin van Dam – Lichen (Korstmos)
Lon Godin – Dark Noise

And lastly, a different take on ‘lines’…

Natalya Zaloznaya - Souvenir
Natalya Zaloznaya – Souvenir

In the meantime, if you’re bored visiting this ‘arty’ stuff check my post with some 60s and 70s celebrities and their favorite cars.

4 thoughts on “Staying within the lines • Becky’s Lines & Squares #5

  1. The Belkina photograph is truly memorable. A portrait, and yet far more than a portrait. Timeless, mythic, and though it may or may not signal death as such, the title is making me think of the ‘sky burials’ of the North American First Nations, or certain rites in the Indian Subcontinent. And so in the end I’m thinking of the cycle of life. So happy you found my blog, so I found yours.

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