The stories hands tell • Becky’s Lines & Squares Challenge #6

Unfortunately, my hands are becoming pretty useless these days… Just typing these two sentences and correcting the mistakes takes me well over a minute or so.
My feet on the other hand are quite a different story after my DBS (deep brain stimulation). They don’t seem exactly tireless, but at least take me to new stories…
And that without the use of a cane!

Becky's Lines & Squares Challenges-These-boots-are-made-for-walking
These boots are made for walking…

Up until March last year getting around was a pain. Totally dependent on my cane.

The author in Jan 2018, going to light a candle in preparation for his DBS
Me in Jan 2018, going to light a candle in
preparation of the DBS
Photo courtesy of Heleen Arends Photography.
Finally a foreign beach again...
Finally a foreign beach again…

If you’re tired of this soap, no sweat. Take a look Raquel Welch, Brigitte Bardot and other 60s and 70s celebrities and their cars in this post.

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