Monday Window – Oct. 7, 2019

My first entry in this Monday Window trail is not a happy memory, but it is one etched in my mind.

Monday Window - to another world
Window… to another world

This photo I took of the funeral procession of one of my oldest friends – Menno Boerema.

Menno was one of Europe’s leading film editors. He died at the age of 61 this summer.

Our friendship dates back 45 years; to my first day in boarding school. Menno had been there from the age of 11 or 12. I will never forget all the happy moments we shared. In the end, this is how I want to remember him by. But nor will I forget the moments where we would find solace in each other’s frustration, anger and resentment of the situation we found ourselves in.
Our last day in that place we hated was coincidentally the same. It was the day after the high school party that was the official end of the school year. Menno had graduated and went on to the Film Academy in Amsterdam. I had one more year of high school ahead of me, but was expelled from this particular boarding school. I remember his famous ‘last’ words that day: ‘The things we do for love…’

It feels strange – in a good way – to share these memories. Maybe this #MondayWindow post is the start of a bigger one.

While this post started off a little sinister, it started a chain reaction of much happier memories of this Rider on the Storm.

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  1. Thank you very much for joining Monday Window. Thank you also for sharing your story about your departed friend. We need to keep those windows to our past and to our inner selves. They help us see forward as well.

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