Lines in the sky • Becky’s Lines & Squares #10

Lines in the sky.

Skylines • Becky's lines & squares #10

Here’s my entry to Becky’s Lines & Squares Challenge.

I love to see those cranes in action, as well as the structures they’re erecting grow taller by the day. Isn’t it just a beautiful play of lines in the sky that signal progress?

A while ago I read that there were more cranes operating in Shanghai, than in the whole of the United Sates.

I’ve been wondering how they erect these high cranes, with their tons of concrete blocks as counterweights. It’s not that this is one of the most pressing questions on my mind that I lose sleep over. But does anybody have a clue?

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2 thoughts on “Lines in the sky • Becky’s Lines & Squares #10

  1. PS and on crane development, they use another crane . . the top and bottom section are placed early on, and then they keep adding sections in the middle to gain height.

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