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for f***'s sake, are we there?

For f***’s sake, aren’t we there?

Japanese commuters, whether it’s by metro, bus, train etc. all share this one burning question when waiting for their means of transport to arrive during rush hour.

Paradoxically, waiting to arrive was worse than waiting to depart.

Submission for J.I. Roger’s Six-Word Story Challenge – “Waiting“.

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A different slant (an easy one I know…)

Is that bloody train finally coming?

Is that bloody train coming finally?

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One thought on “Waiting • Six-Word Story Challenge

  1. Dat gevoel zou ik ook hebben als ik zo hutje-mutje de metro in moest. Wat, ik zou er niet eens ingaan. 😮
    Twee goede zeswoordverhalen die de onrust en het ongemak uitstralen.

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