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Back Catalog • the challenge seems quite simple really:
‘My challenge to you is to find an image in your back catalog that still grabs your attention and share it! Of course, if you want to re-interpret the image with what you have gained over the years, feel free to do so. Any kind of image is appropriate for this challenge! Let us know why this image still gets your attention!’

back catalog
Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, 2008

Here’s my (first) entry to Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge. Picking this photo from my back catalog was a far from easy process.

Anyways, walking across to the other side made me feel I was trapped in an aviary. I was told by one of the ‘natives’ the lines, or nets if you will, were put in place to avoid people jumping.

She quite clearly wasn’t a fan of Rudy Giuliani’s policies: ‘if you don’t know how to tackle the real reasons, it’s safest for your re-election to tackle the symptoms.’

I’ve often been amazed at the pragmatism of Americans.

A disclaimer. I’ve just been getting interested in digital photography. I traded my analog Nikon F3 and some older bodies and lenses for a digital Leica, but I don’t really carry it around much. Find it much too bulky. Most shots I simply take with my iPhone, and do some polishing afterwards…
The featured photo was taken with a cheap (as so many of my pics in my back catalog) Panasonic camera.

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