Lita Cabellut Cracks & Lines • Becky’s Lines&Squares #21

Lita Cabellut Cracks & Lines for Becky’s Lines&Squares Challenge

Cracks & Lines Square
Lita Cabellut Cracks & Lines

Came across this painting at the ART The Hague fair a couple of weeks ago.

It mesmerized me, and looking at this picture it still does. Without the cracks and lines it would totally lose its attraction.

But typically me, I lost the piece of paper where I had jotted down the title and artist’s name… But Becky B was able out help me out with the artist, who is Lita Cabellut. And according to Wikipedia she is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands. Cabellut works on large scale canvases using a contemporary variation of the fresco technique.

Lita Cabellut portrait
Lita Cabellut

If you like her work just as much, it’s definitely worthwhile to pay her site a visit.

For more ‘mesmerizing’ art photos, see for instance here, or simply see the sidebar.

4 gedachten over “Lita Cabellut Cracks & Lines • Becky’s Lines&Squares #21

  1. This is stunning, beautiful square and lines. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    PS I tried a reverse image search and came up with the name Lita Cabellut for the painter, and the title is Frida (from the series ‘La Perla Negra’)

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