Lines under my feet • Becky’s Lines & Squares #13

Lines under my feet lead pic

Lines under my feet

Lines under my feet square
Lines under my feet

Here’s my entry to Becky’s Lines & Squares Challenge, Oct. 13.

I took this shot of a rather confusing line ‘No entrance exhibition’ which somebody had pasted on the stairs of the main entrance to an art exhibition.

But please note the feet in sneakers on the left. We Dutch hardly take any notice of signs telling us what (not) to do. Unless it’s a ‘no parking’ sign. These tend to cost you dearly if you ignore them…

Which reminds me of our international sports club in Karachi, Pakistan, the good old Sind Club. The only way to access the bar was to walk across a grass lawn to the door. To avoid nagging wives dragging their husbands home, somebody had put a sign on the lawn saying ‘Women NOT allowed on the grass’. Not sure any of the expat wives ever obeyed that sign. My mother certainly didn’t.

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Lines in Seoul • Becky’s Lines & Squares #12

Lines in Seoul

Lines in Seoul, Korea
Lines in Seoul

Lines in Seoul is my submission for day 12 of Becky’s Lines & Squares.

This is the view from the roof terrace of an ad agency called Publicis WELCOMM in Seoul, Korea.

I spent a wonderful 6 months there as a freelance advertising strategist. I miss the people, the scenery and above all their Korean Barbecue!

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Tree art • Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Tree woman horizontal crop

Sorry, I’m a bit slow at times. Hopefully didn’t miss Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge on Tree Art (yes, here we go again…)

Anyway, here’s my contribution to this challenge:

Tree woman is a piece of tree art

‘Tree woman’ stands approx. 6 feet tall, and is made by a dutch artist Inge Nijhof. This piece of tree art is completely made out of ceramics.

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Circles Curves & Arches • Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Montreal headlights

Circles, curves and arches

Alfa Romeo Montreal Wheel
The famous Alfa Romeo logo

In case any of you Americans aren’t familiar with the logo in the center of this wheel, it’s that of the famous (well… at least in Europe) brand Alfa Romeo.

A brief history

The Alfa Romeo logo originated when the company was called A.L.F.A.
This acronym, which is now a name, actually stands for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili.

Since Alfa wanted to be associated with the city of Milan, so they used the red cross typically associated with the Crusades in Milano.

The second half of the symbol depicts a man being eaten by a serpent. To be sure, the origin of this image is a little less clear. However, many people believe that it has to do with the Christian Crusaders defeating various other religious sects .

But a great many others say it is the emblem of the House of Visconti. This powerful family ruled Milan during the 14th century. While both ideas are plausible, we may never actually know the real story regarding the origin of this half of the Alfa Romeo Badge.

The Montreal

Designed by Marcello Gandini of Lamborghini Miura fame and presented as Italy’s design contribution for Expo 67, the Alfa Romeo Montreal shares a bond with the more famous raging bull while forming an identity all its own.

On side note: I’ll definitely feature the Lamborghini Miura the first chance I get. As the relatively little known Miura is the most beautiful sports car ever designed. In my mind, bar none.

Anyways, the picture is of a wheel of an Alfa Romeo Montreal. It’s not just that I’m a car-freak, far from that. But I do love good design, and I do love Alfa Romeo and have owned many (9) of them. Unfortunately, a Montreal was not one of them. After all, it is right up there as one of the most beautiful classic sports cars any company has ever built. Just look at those curves and arches…

Montreal hood top front
The Montreal’s hood
Montreal headlights
The Montreal’s headlights
The Montreal en profile
Montreal en face
The Montreal en face

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Lines in a mask • Becky’s Lines & Squares #11

Lines in a mask


Submission for day 11 of Becky’s Lines & Squares.

I bought this mask (and two just like it, although not quite similar) at an Indonesian Fair around a year ago. It looks at me all the time when I’m at my desk.

It’s origins are Papua New Guinea (or so I was told by the man who sold me these while claiming to be a Papua himself).

Not sure what I’m going to do with the other two…

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Elixer • Six-Word Story Challenge


Picture by Banksy


Banksy put it wonderfully. All six words are there. Nothing for me to add or do, except re-arrange them a little bit.

Coming from an ex-ad-man this might seem paradoxical in the least, but the last two decades I’ve abhorred mass-media and its influence. Especially now that mass-media and fake-news seem to have become one and the same.

Submission for J.I. Roger’s Six-Word Story Challenge – “Elixer“.

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Lines in the sky • Becky’s Lines & Squares #10

Lines in the sky

Lines in the sky.

Skylines • Becky's lines & squares #10

Here’s my entry to Becky’s Lines & Squares Challenge.

I love to see those cranes in action, as well as the structures they’re erecting grow taller by the day. Isn’t it just a beautiful play of lines in the sky that signal progress?

A while ago I read that there were more cranes operating in Shanghai, than in the whole of the United Sates.

I’ve been wondering how they erect these high cranes, with their tons of concrete blocks as counterweights. It’s not that this is one of the most pressing questions on my mind that I lose sleep over. But does anybody have a clue?

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Lines by the sea • Becky’s Lines & Squares #9

Lines by the sea
Lines by the sea
Lines by the sea

Lines by the sea. Here’s my 2 cents in response to Becky’s ‘He sends you this most memorable line‘…

I came across these lines on one of the many of Scheveningen’s bulwarks. Reputedly they have been written by one of this fishing town’s many widows…

A rough translation of these lines by the sea:

in the tears
of the sea

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Winter is coming… • Becky’s Lines & Squares #8

Winter's coming... Becky's Lines and squares October 8
Winter is coming... Becky's Squares and Lines 8
Winter is coming… Becky’s Squares and Lines 8

Here’s my entry for Becky’s Lines and Squares Challenge, Oct. 8. To paraphrase Game of Thrones, ‘Winter is coming…’

It’s getting darker, days are fast getting shorter. Forests are losing their lush green hue and are turning brown. The once vivid dark green lines are now dead or dying.

Can’t wait for the world to turn white…

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Monday Window – Oct. 7, 2019

Monday Window lead pic

My first entry in this Monday Window trail is not a happy memory, but it is one etched in my mind.

Monday Window - to another world
Window… to another world

This photo I took of the funeral procession of one of my oldest friends – Menno Boerema.

Menno was one of Europe’s leading film editors. He died at the age of 61 this summer.

Our friendship dates back 45 years; to my first day in boarding school. Menno had been there from the age of 11 or 12. I will never forget all the happy moments we shared. In the end, this is how I want to remember him by. But nor will I forget the moments where we would find solace in each other’s frustration, anger and resentment of the situation we found ourselves in.
Our last day in that place we hated was coincidentally the same. It was the day after the high school party that was the official end of the school year. Menno had graduated and went on to the Film Academy in Amsterdam. I had one more year of high school ahead of me, but was expelled from this particular boarding school. I remember his famous ‘last’ words that day: ‘The things we do for love…’

It feels strange – in a good way – to share these memories. Maybe this #MondayWindow post is the start of a bigger one.

While this post started off a little sinister, it started a chain reaction of much happier memories of this Rider on the Storm.