Slope • Tuesday Photo Challenge

slopes japanese roof 16:9

Dutch goes the Photo has posted a new challenge for its Tuesday Photo Challenge: Slope. This is quite a challenge for someone from the flat-lands, a.k.a. the Netherlands. Not a natural slope for miles around, unless it is the cliched dunes. Fortunately, the challenge is as wide as you’d like it to be: Whether the slope of a line, a gently flowing hill slope, or sloping down a stream, there’s plenty that can be done with this theme.

I took this photo of an art installation to celebrate 200 years of seaside resort Scheveningen, called Ringen aan Zee (Rings at sea). It sprang from the mind of landscape architect Bruno Doedens (SLeM). I took this photo with an iPhone 6, and tweaked it slighlty using Adobe Lightroom.

slopes on the beach fpj-photo-challenge
Rings at Sea

Tuesday Photo Challenge • Slope 2
A less literal interprtation of slope is the below photo of the slopes that are part of the roof of a Japanese building in the Botanical Gardens in Leiden. Again, the camera of choice was the Apple iPhone 6. Post in the Apple app Photos.

slopes japanese roof fpj-photo-challenge

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Blue • Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

cuba in blue 16:9 cee's fun foto challenge

Blue • Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge. This week’s challenge has quite a harvest. The top shot I took somewhere in Cuba in 2016.

Istanbul • fishing rods in blue
Istanbul • Fishing rods in blue
Flower in blue
Flower in blue
Minaret in blue
Minaret in blue
cuban palmtrees in blue
Cuban palmtrees in blue

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Creepy • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71

Creepy • goats heads 16:9

Creepy • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71 In her post Leya gives a dictionary definition of this week’s theme ‘creepy’: ‘causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease’.

Creepy • goats heads

I have had more than my fair share of creepy foods to eat. No…fortunately spooning a brain out of a live monkeys head wasn’t one of those. But one of my worst experiences was having to eat sashimi out of an alive flatfish’s back. This was in Hokaido, Japan at a dinner hosted by a few high ranking Dentsu officials. Dentsu as in the largest single advertising company in the world (6000+ employees) and being a major shareholder in the ad agency in Tokyo I worked for at the time. The image of the fish gasping while people were literally devouring it, kept me awake for most of that night.

Creepy • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

But by far the creepiest food experience was at a dinner table of an extremely hospitable Morrocan family we had met earlier that day when touring the inland’s of that country. Towards the end of the meal being we were served some deep fried balls that were simply delicious. When I asked what it was the host told me it was a rather old family secret. But he was willing to show me what it was if I came with him early the next morning to the local souk.
When we arrived there around 7 am he took me well into the back of the market where he suddenly stopped and pointed to these goats heads. What I had simply devoured the evening before where deep fried goats eye-balls. Needless to say I had to fight to keep dinner and breakfast in as I looked at those glassed-over eyes. Never again…

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‘You’ve got…what?!’ asked Breschnew astonished • Six Word Saturday

You've got...what?! asked Breschnew astonished

‘You’ve got…what?!’ asked Breschnew astonished is my six word response to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

You've got...what?! asked Breschnew astonished
The kiss that symbolizes a deadly regime

The line in German ‘MEIN GOTT. HILF MIR. DIESE TÖDLICHE LIEBE ZU ÜBERLEBEN’ sums it up the sentiment regarding the deadly regime at the time quite nicely. It translates into something like ‘MY GOD. HELP ME. TO SURVIVE THIS DEADLY DISEASE‘.

It’s been thirty years since that hated wall came down. Little did anyone know what the real consequences would be.

‘You’ve got…what?!’ symbolizes another viral disease called freedom that proved deadly indeed to some. But for many, many more it was the unstoppable virus that led to unification of a nation.

Lest we never forget what this wall symbolized here’s one more piece of art that shows how things were.

Climbing the Berlin Wall
One of the artworks on the Berliner Mauer East Side Gallery.

This post gives you some more images of signs in current day Berlin.

Stones or bricks CBW Photo Challenge

Stones&bricks Cees Black&White Photo Challenge

Here’s my entry for this week’s CBW Photo Challenge on Stones or Bricks.

Stones or bricks Cees Black&White Photo Challenge
Stones & bricks

This photo is of the statue of the renowned writer Louis Couperus. It stands before one of the majestic buildings on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague.

The inscription at his feet reads, roughly translated ‘If I am something, I am somebody from The Hague’. This is a line from one of his articles called ‘Haagse jeugd’.

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Dead Center • Friday Fun

Dead Center Instead of a blossoming flower I selected two famous car wheels. Which is not to say I don’t like blossoming flowers. It’s just that details of vintage sports cars make my heart beat a little faster. And if they’re Italian so much the better…

The photo on top (although not strictly dead center) features the wheel of the Lamborghini Miura. The dreaded state it was in was caused by the Greek singer/rally driver Kokotas leaving it in the Athens Hilton car park for over 40 years!

No wonder the wheel looks somewhat like a wilted flower.

For more photos of this most beautiful car ever built, right after its ‘barn find’, click here (if you can call the Hilton car park a ‘barn’…) Interesting detail: Kokotas was given this Miura by his even more well-to-do friend, the Greek shipping tycoon Onassis.

Dead center Alfa Romeo Montreal Wheel
Dead center: Alfa Romeo logo

Finally, a wheel ‘in full bloom’… In case any of you Americans aren’t familiar with the logo dead center in this wheel, it’s that of the famous (well… at least in Europe) brand Alfa Romeo. It is the wheel of a Montreal.

If you’d like to read a little more on this second most beautiful sports car ever built, this is the place to click.