Creepy • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71

Creepy • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71 In her post Leya gives a dictionary definition of this week’s theme ‘creepy’: ‘causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease’.

Creepy • goats heads

I have had more than my fair share of creepy foods to eat. No…fortunately spooning a brain out of a live monkeys head wasn’t one of those. But one of my worst experiences was having to eat sashimi out of an alive flatfish’s back. This was in Hokaido, Japan at a dinner hosted by a few high ranking Dentsu officials. Dentsu as in the largest single advertising company in the world (6000+ employees) and being a major shareholder in the ad agency in Tokyo I worked for at the time. The image of the fish gasping while people were literally devouring it, kept me awake for most of that night.

Creepy • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

But by far the creepiest food experience was at a dinner table of an extremely hospitable Morrocan family we had met earlier that day when touring the inland’s of that country. Towards the end of the meal being we were served some deep fried balls that were simply delicious. When I asked what it was the host told me it was a rather old family secret. But he was willing to show me what it was if I came with him early the next morning to the local souk.
When we arrived there around 7 am he took me well into the back of the market where he suddenly stopped and pointed to these goats heads. What I had simply devoured the evening before where deep fried goats eye-balls. Needless to say I had to fight to keep dinner and breakfast in as I looked at those glassed-over eyes. Never again…

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9 thoughts on “Creepy • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71

  1. This was…too creepy for me, really. You have been through a great deal of strange meals I understand! When it comes to goats, there is a meal in Iceland on whey and goat’s testicles – I refused to eat it. And a soup in China had floating eyes in it – looking at me. I did not eat that one either. Well, I could think of some more…but the difference is that you really ate it. i don’t understand how you managed to keep the food inside. This must be the creepiest of all entries for the challenge. I will not eat anything more tonight…

  2. Wow. Definitely a contender for one of the creepiest responses to the challenge. Some of those culinary delights are downright GROSS. I thought Goats Head Soup was just an album by the Rolling Stones. OMG.

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