Slope • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Dutch goes the Photo has posted a new challenge for its Tuesday Photo Challenge: Slope. This is quite a challenge for someone from the flat-lands, a.k.a. the Netherlands. Not a natural slope for miles around, unless it is the cliched dunes. Fortunately, the challenge is as wide as you’d like it to be: Whether the slope of a line, a gently flowing hill slope, or sloping down a stream, there’s plenty that can be done with this theme.

I took this photo of an art installation to celebrate 200 years of seaside resort Scheveningen, called Ringen aan Zee (Rings at sea). It sprang from the mind of landscape architect Bruno Doedens (SLeM). I took this photo with an iPhone 6, and tweaked it slighlty using Adobe Lightroom.

slopes on the beach fpj-photo-challenge
Rings at Sea

Tuesday Photo Challenge • Slope 2
A less literal interprtation of slope is the below photo of the slopes that are part of the roof of a Japanese building in the Botanical Gardens in Leiden. Again, the camera of choice was the Apple iPhone 6. Post in the Apple app Photos.

slopes japanese roof fpj-photo-challenge

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5 thoughts on “Slope • Tuesday Photo Challenge

  1. lol you are so right, no natural ‘slopes’ there! Good shots, these phones are better than I’d imagined.

    I’m interested in your blog name … what does it mean?

    1. TiongHan is my Chinese name. My mother’s Chinese, so no surprise really. It literally means ‘he who walks the middle road’. Also ‘the diplomat’. But somehow when I mention this to people who know me a bit, they all start to laugh…

      1. lol then sounds like you may need to grow into your name 🙂
        Can’t detect your mother’s heritage from your pic, thanks I knew it would be an interesting story 🙂

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