‘Check your cynicism at the airport’ • Six Word Saturday

‘Check your cynicism at the airport’ is my six word response to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

Cuba. Generous strangers sharing their meal.

Here’s the full story behind that rather cryptic line. I was visiting Cuba. One morning I had nothing planned so I decided to go for a walk. Around noon or so I bumped into this Cuban family and we started the routine chit-chat about where I was from and what a lovely country they had. Before I knew it this gentleman offered me some crab, and then invited me to join him and his family for a picnic sort of lunch. Hungry as I was I accepted and had one of the most interesting and lovely hours spent in the company of what set out to be perfect strangers.

What amazed me was how proud of their country they were. Not a bad thing about Cuba. Sure they were critical of some things, but by-and-large they were a bunch of happy campers. I’ll never forget his parting lines: ‘Hope you enjoyed our simple meal as it is one of the few things we can offer you. Along with our company of course.’

This experience drove home (once again) that I’d better leave any form of preconceived notions at the airport. We all say we do, yet more often than not some slip through the cracks…

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