Waiting • Lens-Artists Challenge #72

WaitingLens-Artists Challenge #72

Waiting • Lens-Artists Challenge #72
Waiting • Photo by Michael Wolf

Japanese commuters, whether it’s by metro, bus, train etc. all share this one burning question when waiting for their means of transport to arrive during rush hour. When will we – in heaven’s name – finally arrive?

Monday rush-hour 2 by David Wolf
The dreaded waiting • Photo by Michael Wolf

These 2 photos are photos of photos by Michael Wolf taken during an exhibition – Life in Cities – in the Hague. It perfectly captures the experience most Japanese – and gai-jin’s for that matter – must endure when traveling by subway in the notorious rush-hour.

Paradoxically, waiting to arrive more often than not is worse than waiting to depart!

Is that bloody train finally coming?
Waiting • Is that bloody train finally coming?

I rather walked or biked the journey to the office and back in the time that I worked there. And when the weather was bad – hot, humid and rainy as in most of the summer- I indulged myself and took a $20 cab. Anything better than to wait in a smelly, humid and packed metro to finally arrive.

Parts of this post were previously written for J.I. Roger’s Six-Word Story Challenge – “Waiting” and the Monday Window Challenge by Ludwig Keck– “Monday rush-hour”.

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  1. Thank you, Tiong for sharing Michael Wolf’s photos to express waiting. I agree, biking to work is much better choice than waiting for the train…

  2. I can relate to the last one on the platform – I always think there are too many people waiting and it looks like someone might fall down.

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