Fantasy • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Fantasy • Tuesday Photo Challenge is Dutch goes the Photo latest challenge. It reads: ‘Your challenge is to use the theme of Fantasy and take it into your choice of creative directions; be it an image of your fantasy location, a fantasy that is in your mind, or whatever speaks fantasy to you! Have fun with this and let your thoughts and lenses go into the land of fantasy!’

Call that a challenge… I’m just trying post-production techniques and don’t even dare to touch Photoshop yet. I hardly even think about contemplating applications like Luminar.

Fantasy atomic winter for TPC
Atomic winter

This photo was taken in the forests near Wassenaar. For some reason dead trees and wood aren’t cleared any longer and left to rot where it stands or falls. Which can lead to some eerie views. These dead trees against a pale blue winter-ish sky were too good to just pass by. Took this photo, which my daughter immediately dubbed as ‘Atomic Winter’, with an iPhone XR. Did more or less extensive work on it just using the Apple Photo app and Adobe’s Lightroom.

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7 thoughts on “Fantasy • Tuesday Photo Challenge

  1. Fantastic job! When you get a chance, download a trial copy of Luminar, as you’ll find that it is fairly intuitive to learn and might open all sorts of interesting possibilities for you! You clearly have the creative mind for it!!


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