Stacks • Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Here’s my entry for this week’s Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge on ‘Stacks. This photo is of a typical Dutch scene. Stacks of abandoned bicycles waiting for their ‘deportation’ to the scrapyard.

Stacks of bicycles

I have written a brief post earlier on this phenomena of the Dutch just seeming to ‘forget’ that they have parked a bicycle on the street.

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2 thoughts on “Stacks • Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

  1. It makes me sad to see bikes abandoned like this. When I lived in the Netherlands I bought my first ‘opoe-fiets’ second hand from an old man. It used to be his wife’s bike and was over a hundred years old, in the same family for two generations. The bike even had a name (Truus). I loved that bike and rode it for many happy years before selling it on when I left for the UK.

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