Peace • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Peace • Tuesday Photo Challenge is Dutch goes the Photo latest challenge. It is as brutally simple as imaginative: ‘The challenge I bring to you is to share posts that evoke the sense of peace for you, in whatever form that might take. I expect that many among us have an idea of how we see peace, so I look forward to all of us sharing what that might be like. Who knows? We may bring just a bit more peace to this planet!’

Peace Tuesday Photo Challenge 25 nov
Peace • Make love, not war

Took this photo many years ago and have always been very fond of it. It was waiting for the right opportunity I guess. The original was shot in colour; I made it black and white using the Apple Photo app and did some further post production in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

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  1. Very nice! Realized I never got back to you about photo software. Most of the time I don’t use
    anything other than an old Picasa version I really like.

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