May burning bridges light the way • Six Word Saturday

‘May burning bridges light the way’. For Six Word Saturday.

May burning bridges light the way • Six Word Saturday
May burning bridges light the way

Not too long ago I stumbled on this section within Redd It dedicated to six word stories. Do go there whenever you need inspiration for your 6 word story! If anything it is sure to put a grin on your face. For more fun I can also recommend the top 500 from last year. If this won’t make you laugh out loud I don’t know what will…

Now, if you like this I have got a small request. I’m trying to make it on Redd It’s top 500 list of this year. So far I’ve mustered around the 100 votes with this 6 word story. Can I please ask for your vote…? All you have to do is click on the up-arrow beside the line ‘May burning bridges light the way’ in this link. And I’ll be forever in your debt!

This page will take you to more 6 word stories.

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