Litter • FOWC with Fandango

Litter 3 • FOWC

Litter • FOWC with Fandango

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but litter seems no longer confined to ‘rubbish such as paper, cans, and bottles left lying in an open or public place‘ as Woolly Muses defines it in this post. Below a couple of photos of an, only too familiar sight in Dutch streets nowadays…

Litter • FOWC
Litter • FOWC
Daddy, I found my push bike
Daddy, I found my push bike

It is only too easy to blame this growing global (?) trend on George W. Bush’ rallying cry ‘And I encourage you all to go shopping more‘ in an attempt to avoid the last major global crisis the 2008 recession really was. (If only he were alone in this; many of our so-called leaders have followed suite in order to spend our way out of a self created mess.)

More litter • FOWC
More litter

This ratrace towards maximum prosperity and more, newer, better and latest consumption goods obviously creats a flood of discarded old durables (once they were) we have difficulty dealing with. So these old durables are fast becoming the new litter in our cities’ streets.

Litter 3 • FOWC
Even more litter • FOWC

And I shit you not, all these photos were taken in the Hague, The Netherlands over the past year or so.

Littter 4 • FOWC
Exported litter • FOWC

This photo was taken a couple of years ago in the streets of Cairo, Egypt. It’s an abandoned VW Beetle with a Dutch license plate. We even export our shit…

Meanwhile, if you’re really that bored, try and read this…

Crooked Windows • Monday Window

Crooked windows • Monday windows

Crooked Windows • Monday Window This is my entry in Kurt Ludwig’s Monday Window photo challenge.

Crooked windows • Monday windows
Crooked windows • Monday windows

This building is part of the Calypso complex, designed by the English architect William Alsop. They finished erecting it only in 2013. The building symbolizes the flow from the newly build city center and the old Western part of the city.

Info in English on the Calypso? Just follow this link.

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Pretend • Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #15

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt Logo 16X9

Shweta’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt for Week #15 (December 7, 2019 – December 13, 2019)


Six Word Story Prompt Logo

This being my first time here I’d like to start with a disclaimer: I’m not at all sure what the rules exactly are…
Can we just post one six word story at a time, or a few, or as many as we like?
How close are we supposed to stick to the original prompt?
Is it about writing clever six word sentences inspired by the prompt, or ditto stories?
I guess I’ll just find out…

So what I’m about to do is to give you my preferred six word story, my shortlist and long list.

Preferred Six Word Story

You’re born stupid? Not just pretending?


Pretend I’m Jack OK? She undressed.
Just pretend I’m not your priest.
We never married, but we pretended.

Long list

Can’t we pretend I’m with you?
Incurable case: pretending to be a writer
Can’t we pretend we’ve met before?
For f*ck’s sake, pretend you’re writing!
Can’t you pretend we’re still lovers?
‘No!’ ‘…but can’t you pretend tonight?’
Can’t you just pretend we’re married?
I’m pretending I’m fine. Can’t you?
‘Too old? Pretend you’re my daughter.’
‘Shut your mouth. Pretend I’m him’
Then pretend you don’t like him
As always I pretended to listen
She, undoubtedly, only pretended to climax
I pretended the whole bloody thing
Just this once, can’t you pretend ?
Pretend that couldn’t have gone better
Marriage? But I was only pretending…

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Barcelona Doors • Thursday Doors

Barcelona Doors • Thursday Doors

Barcelona Doors is my entry for this week’s Thursday Doors, which is hosted by Norm Frampton.

Barcelona Doors • Thursday Doors
Barcelona Doors • Thursday Doors

We came across these neglected doors wandering through some of the back alleys of Barcelona. Some might call these more than a bit neglected. But just pause for a moment and try and see the sheer beauty of them.

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Majestic Glow • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Majestic Glow 16:9

Majestic Glow • Tuesday Photo Challenge is my submission into Dutch goes the Photo challenge of the week. As usual, it is as brutally simple as imaginative: ‘I think that the interesting part of this challenge will be your choice of direction with the theme of Glow…will you opt for the glow of an ember, a firefly, or the glowing praise that is heaped on a great performance? There are many choices, so feel free to push the boundaries and shoot for that glowing review!’

Majestic Glow
Majestic Glow

Majestic Glow

Isn’t she just glowing majestically? I took this photo from a moving bus in the harbor of the City of Rotterdam. Hence the reflections at the bottom part. Incidentally, the ship named after the city was moored in its home harbor at the time we passed it. In order to make this lady glow like this I had to do some (extensive) post prod in Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I took the original photo with my iPhone XR.

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