Pretend • Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #15

Shweta’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt for Week #15 (December 7, 2019 – December 13, 2019)


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This being my first time here I’d like to start with a disclaimer: I’m not at all sure what the rules exactly are…
Can we just post one six word story at a time, or a few, or as many as we like?
How close are we supposed to stick to the original prompt?
Is it about writing clever six word sentences inspired by the prompt, or ditto stories?
I guess I’ll just find out…

So what I’m about to do is to give you my preferred six word story, my shortlist and long list.

Preferred Six Word Story

You’re born stupid? Not just pretending?


Pretend I’m Jack OK? She undressed.
Just pretend I’m not your priest.
We never married, but we pretended.

Long list

Can’t we pretend I’m with you?
Incurable case: pretending to be a writer
Can’t we pretend we’ve met before?
For f*ck’s sake, pretend you’re writing!
Can’t you pretend we’re still lovers?
‘No!’ ‘…but can’t you pretend tonight?’
Can’t you just pretend we’re married?
I’m pretending I’m fine. Can’t you?
‘Too old? Pretend you’re my daughter.’
‘Shut your mouth. Pretend I’m him’
Then pretend you don’t like him
As always I pretended to listen
She, undoubtedly, only pretended to climax
I pretended the whole bloody thing
Just this once, can’t you pretend ?
Pretend that couldn’t have gone better
Marriage? But I was only pretending…

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