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Joost Swarte Door is my entry for this week’s Thursday Doors, which is hosted by Norm Frampton.

Thursday doors CLOSED
Joost Swarte Door • CLOSED! On Monday as well

The illustration on the window is by one of Holland’s renowned cartoonists, Joost Swarte. The sign on the door reads ‘Closed! On Mondays as well’ which is a pun on the fact that in the Netherlands many – if not all – shops are closed on Monday to compensate for the open Saturday (and often Sunday). Not sure if the same is customary in other countries.

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  1. Love the cartoon in the window! You live in the Netherlands?? I am Dutch, but lived for 30+ years in California. Business days is one thing that is opposite here. At least on the country side, shops were closed on Thanksgiving! Not in Southern Calif. and there the restaurants are heavily visited on that day – enough people of other cultures not celebrating, or Americans who don’t want to cook! (Here it’s the biggest feast after Christmas), but we don’t have shops closed on 2nd Christmas -and Easter day!

  2. Looks like your the cartoon fellow in the window will have a mess to clean up.
    Here’s it crazy, most places are open 7 days a week now; even the small shops. Usually shorter hours on Sundays, but very few places are closed.

  3. Some businesses such as hair salons and others are sometimes closed on Mondays, but unfortunately, many stores in the US are open every day of the week, including major holidays such as Thanksgiving and even some are open on Christmas. I don’t like that, as the people who work there have families, too, and should spend time with them and if people can’t survive a day or two a year without shopping, they have a problem. 🙂

    I see the Dutch word for “closed” is close to the German one.


  4. Hi Junie, Norm & Janet, thank you for your comments. It seems that 24/7 (or something close to that…) is fast becoming a global disease. Personally,I have a love-hate relationship with the whole phenomena. While I oftentimes love the convenience of it (esp. when I ran out of cigarettes, coffee, rice milk or any other staple that keeps me going) I hate the whole spend, spend, spend mentality, tailoring to the buy, buy, buy drift, that goes with it. In case you haven’t seen it, this post touches on the subject
    Needless to say, being a reborn PD person, I have not many material desires left…

  5. I like this Joost Swarte door.
    and I rather like the idea of closing one day a week and a Monday seems better than Sunday – where so many people get all weird about Sundays being super precious

  6. Love the illustration on the window. I recently moved from Hong Kong, the city that never sleeps, to France, where the stores are closed on Sundays (at least in Perpignan). At first, it was a little irritating but if you plan ahead it’s not bad. Actually, it’s a good thing, encouraging family and rest time. Growing up (a long time ago) in the States, we had “blue laws” which was no shopping on Sundays. Happy holidays!

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