Nostalgic • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #75

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #75 • Nostalgic

Tina opens this challenge with a quote from Margaret Fairless Barber: ‘To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward.’

While its positivity is something I can inherently relate to, my Parkinson Disease infused nostalgic moods tend to lock me up into something like:

I miss me. Nostalgia
Nostalgia • Found this photo a while back in a Facebook group of Parkinson patients.

I’ve only started cautiously writing about my PD recently, yesterday as a matter of fact. See this link if you’re interested. I need to thank several people for this therapeutic form of writing. First and foremost my girlfriend Heleen Arends, who I owe my sanity to…and so much more, and finally Cee Neuner who gave me the final encouragement.

Somewhere in between those two is my parkinson psychologist Roy Kuiper, who, amongst many other valuable ‘things’, has the following piece of ‘direction’ on his whiteboard:

nostalgia • roy's whiteboard quote

This translates into something like;
• is my thought right?
• does my thought help?

This pulls me back every time one of my nostalgic moods tend to start bordering on self-pity…or worse.

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    1. Hi Lauren, thank you so much for your comment. How did this treatment help against slowness of movement (esp. the fine motor skills) and slurred speech? As these are my Achilles-heel at the moment. anyways, i’ll go browse their site right now.

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