Fandango’s Friday Flashback • December 13

Fandango’s Friday Flashback • December 13. Today is the first time I stumbled on the Friday Flashback post/opportunity. To say I’m a novice at blogging is a bit of an understatement; I’ve only started really this October. After having made many a faux pas in the past few months I’m slowly (reached the tender age of 60) beginning to understand and get a feel for it. Who said something about old dogs and new tricks? Not that I’m making plenty of mistakes still.
I’m in the process now of listing virtually every mistake I’ve made (like using a picture of a poster that started with the F-word in a ‘FOWC with Fandango’ post only yesterday – you Americans can be so touchy). Might become food for a separate post…

Anyways, this post from October 13, that I wrote as part of the month long challenge Becky’s Lines & Squares, could use a little more love.

Lines under my feet

Lines under my feet square
Lines under my feet

Here’s my entry to Becky’s Lines & Squares Challenge, Oct. 13.

I took this shot of a rather confusing line ‘No entrance exhibition’ which somebody had pasted on the stairs of the main entrance to an art exhibition.

But please note the feet in sneakers on the left. We Dutch hardly take any notice of signs telling us what (not) to do. Unless it’s a ‘no parking’ sign. These tend to cost you dearly if you ignore them…

Which reminds me of our international sports club in Karachi, Pakistan, the good old Sind Club. The only way to access the bar was to walk across a grass lawn to the door. To avoid nagging wives dragging their husbands home, somebody had put a sign on the lawn saying ‘Women NOT allowed on the grass’. Not sure any of the expat wives ever obeyed that sign. My mother certainly didn’t.

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