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Of all the wild absurdities

With which the heart can cram

Its sad asylum, none’s more daft

Than this mad need, this damn-

Idiot ache to be with you

When I already am.

Kiowara no Fukayabu (early 9th century)

This poem was translated from Japanese
by Graeme Wilson

Posted by TiongHan as part of the dVerse OpenLinkNight#256.

14 thoughts on “OpenLinkNight#256 • dVerse Poets Pub

  1. There are many ways one can interpret this piece. You can look at it as a beautiful love poem in which the heart yearns for more, or one that explores the possessive side of a lover. Well done!

  2. Yes… This is wonderful – perfectly crafted – the best yet in my read through d’Verse so far. I shall certainly be back fro more…

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