Christmas Presents…Have We Gone Mad?

Christmas Presents • Six Word Saturday. This entry in this challenge is nothing more than a (polite) middle finger to the endless Holiday – equals presents – Season. The investopedia site estimates the following:

Nearly every year since 2008, the amount of money that American consumers spend on holiday gifts has been increasing over the previous year.

For 2019, industry experts expect the average American to spend $920 per person on holiday gifts, up from $885 in 2018 and reaching a total of more than $1 trillion in holiday spending.

If only for myself, I need to put this in little bit of a perspective. The USA Federal Budget deficit over 2019 is less than US $ 1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000.00!) according to this article in the New York Times. It equals no less than 110% of The Netherlands‘ GDP!

On gifts alone…
This frenzy has got to stop! This is not meant to be America-bashing in any shape, way or form. Most developed countries have a situation that is quite similar.

So my six words musing, not only for this Saturday but the whole holiday season, is:

Christmas presents… have we gone mad?

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Presents…Have We Gone Mad?

  1. We didn’t go too wild. My husband bought me a small lamp for the living room, 19 euros. If he’s lucky I’ll buy him slippers 🙂 🙂 Have a good Christmas!

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