Blogging Insights • Getting Personal

Blogging Insights • Getting Personal

I came across Dr Tanya’s blogging insights only a few days ago, so this is my first entry. For other non-inundated, click the link above to get the lowdown on what it entails, how to post etc.

Q: Do you blog under your own name or do you use a pseudonym?

I’ve been brought up, among many other things, with you can run,but you can’t hide. Consequently I don’t blog under a pseudonym. TiongHan is my real name. Which, so my Chinese mother tells me (repeatedly with a sigh), literally means he who walks the middle road. Or diplomat if you will. When I mentioned this to a group of friends who have known me for decades they all burst out laughing…so much for trying to live up to it. Which I kind of do, honestly. It’s just that there are certain things that rattle me. Like the orange haired and blond (in both meanings) lunatics running what seems to be a waning superpower and something that used to be called the British Empire (but what has become the joke of Europe).
But apart from this (and a few other atrocities like the division of wealth, racism on the rise, Germans claiming they build better sports cars than Italians, and above anything else the Germans claiming their football team is the best there is) I am quite mellow and more than prepared to look at both sides of the proverbial coin.

Q: Do you share personal details like gender, nationality, race, or faith?

I have absolutely no problem with sharing any of these. I’m a Dutch male, of mixed race (half Chinese and the other half is Dutch with some Indonesian thrown into the mix, just enough to make it interesting.) My faith is undetermined, having been brought up by a fiercely atheist father and a Buddhist mother. The bigger q here really is something like do you believe in anything? To which my answer is a vocal yes. The issue is however I’m still trying to work out what that might be exactly.

Q: How much of your personality shows through your writing?

I would like to say all of it. But since I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson”s Disease some 15 years ago, my personality has been shifting. Comes with the territory my neurologist, psychologist and numerous articles tell me. So basically I’m experiencing a fluid me. Which can be tiresome, not in the least for myself and my cat.
When it comes to my writing I can tell you this: life is too short and brutally unforgiving to be living with pretenses. False or otherwise.
So I write about and share/post what I think. And believe in. That specific moment. What is ‘important’ enough to me that very moment that I’d like to share it. So some of it is utter crap that will not stand the cruel next-morning-test, and some of it I do stand behind.

Q: Do you share personal experiences to illustrate your writing?

Yes, absolutely. On second thought, let me rephrase that into more and more.

I hate writing this last sentence, but Google almost demands including a internal link so if you’re interested to read a very brief (a 1-minute read and that’s a promise) post on what nostalgia means for me as a PD-patient, do click here.

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