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‘What’s Behind This Door?’ is my entry for this week’s Thursday Doors, which is hosted by Norm Frampton. To say he’s got a ‘thingie’ for doors is a bit of an understatement…

forbidden door • thursday doors
A firmly locked door

This door, in the dimly lit back of the basement of the Basilica of Our Lady in the city center of Maastricht, way down in the Catholic heartland of the Netherlands, caught my eye. It was firmly locked, but without any signs saying something like ‘No trespassing. Or the Wrath of the Lord will be upon you.’ Not a sign of any explanation whats however.

Then there was a soft but firm voice behind us asking what we were looking for and if the owner of the voice – a frail and well past middle-aged nunlike lady – could help us. We briefly introduced ourselves as sightseers who had wandered a bit of the beaten path – mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I then asked the question what was behind that locked door. Her eyes, which had been thoroughly locked on mine, suddenly went upwards. ‘My son, only our good Lord knows’ was her response. When she saw the you-don’t-get-off-that-easily look on my face she said in the sweetest voice possible that in all her time in the Basilica that door had been the only one permanently locked. She never had wondered why or what could be behind it. God ways are mysterious indeed…

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