Cost of blogging • Blogging Insights#2

Cost of blogging • Blogging Insights#2

Dr Tanya – in her great blog Salted Caramel – has been running her Blogging Insights series for nearly three months. In this quest she has unearthed a wealth of insights from bloggers, and by keeping this all in-the-public-eye so to speak it can be of tremendous value for bloggers. Not in the least for rookie-bloggers like myself. So far she has fired off 11 salvo’s, or sets if you will, of questions. Some of these are pretty easy to answer. Others require some ‘soul-searching’. Now she has given us, who like myself are pretty new to this form of ‘mental exercise’, the opportunity to catch up with the front-runners.

So here are my answers to the second series. A word in advance, as will become clear when we talk about the cost of blogging, we won’t be talking about the financial costs.

Q: Does it infringe upon your leisure time?

Yes, most certainly. But in a positive way since I had too much leisure time…

Q: Worse still, does it distract you from your work/studies ?

No, not really. My Parkinson’s Disease has put me on a sort of permanent sabbatical. It does distract me from my writing from time to time. But then it seems I’ve got all the time in the world to catch up on that.

Q: Is it taking a toll on your personal relationships ?

Not really. I do honour the social commitments that I have quite carefully. Beggars can’t be choosers is an age-old cliché but it there is a certain truth in it (so I have found out…)

Q: Has your health suffered?

Nope. My health is suffering from other things. Not blogging. Quite the opposite I’m inclined to say, it keeps me on the path of sanity.

Q: Have you gained weight ?

If only… No. I’ve got am inverse weight problem so to speak. Since my Deep Brain Stimulation almost two years ago I’ve lost a good 20 pounds. Despite that fact that I eat like a horse and graze like a proverbial cow.

Q: Do you ever get writer’s block?

‘All the time’ I’m inclined to say, but it’s fast getting less. Where in my professional life as a strategist in an ad agency I relished a blank sheet, now I feel more or less intimidated by it. But as I say, this is fast becoming less with a growing sense of confidence.

Q: Have you ever suffered from blog related stress or blogger burn out?

Absolutely not. The minute I encounter something remotely similar I’ll quit blogging all together. That”s a firm promise to myself, my partner and now to you.

If you want to sprint ahead and read my answers to Dr Tanya’s latest set of q’s, click here.

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