Opinion on ‘Question Posts’ • Blogging Insights#3

Opinion on ‘Question Posts’ • Blogging Insights#3

Dr Tanya – in her great blog Salted Caramel – has been running her Blogging Insights series for nearly three months. In this quest she has unearthed a wealth of insights from bloggers, and by keeping this all in-the-public-eye so to speak it can be of tremendous value for bloggers. Not in the least for rookie-bloggers like myself. So far she has fired off 11 salvo’s, or sets if you will, of questions. Some of these are pretty easy to answer. Others require some ‘soul-searching’. Now she has given us, who like myself are pretty new to this form of ‘mental exercise’, the opportunity to catch up with the front-runners.

So here are my answers to the 3rd series.

Q: Do you respond to question posts?

Dr. Tanya’s Blogging Insights series is the first time I engaged with this sort of thing.

Q: What kind do you prefer, the single “long form” question or the “questionnaire ” type with several questions?

Don’t know (yet) really. I haven’t come across either of them that I liked before…with the exception of this one. Having typed this I saw Dr Tanya’s links to some other question-based posts, which I will check out.

Q: Do you feel such posts add value to your blog?

This one certainly does in my mind, as it gives my readers an insight in who I am and what drives me, bothers me or compels me to write about.

Q: When faced with insightful questions how much of your personality are you willing to reveal?

Again, I’m not sure yet. As said in one of my previous posts my personality, due to my Parkinson’s Disease, appears to be somewhat ‘fluid’. Furthermore, I’m trying to sort of balance this whole personality thing out a bit. On the one hand, yes, I’m a person with PD with all its nasty sides, so why not let it shine through? On the other hand, I do so not want to remind everybody, least of all myself, about it either. So, for the time being, it is kind of a careful balancing act.

Q: Do you think people answer question posts truthfully?

I’m inclined to say ‘yes, what’s the bloody point otherwise?’
If you want to have a continuing stream of ‘happy, clappy’ nonsense, Facebook and Instagram seem much better suited for this. Or if you’d like the opposite, try Donald Trump’s continuously ill-tempered, often foul-mouthed, and generally not (completely) truthfully rants on Twitter.

If you want to sprint ahead and read my answers to Dr Tanya’s latest set of q’s, click here.

6 thoughts on “Opinion on ‘Question Posts’ • Blogging Insights#3

  1. Good answers. I’m a bit of a lurker, I guess. I enjoy reading when people answer ‘question posts’ but I don’t like answering them myself. I’m more of a “I’ll share what what I feel like sharing when I feel like it” kind of guy. There’s usually a question I’m not comfortable with in the list.

    1. I think you could do what I sometimes do. In a list of questions, if there is one that I am not comfortable with I just skip that one and answer the rest. I don’t think anyone minds this. At least, no one has told me so yet.

  2. I’m a bit like you Dan… ‘Coming out in the open’, so to speak – especially about my PD – took me a long time and effort. And it is still baby-steps I guess. And as it shines through in this post I’m still not too sure about it either.

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