Scare ghosts with LIGHT • #JanuaryLights

Scare ghosts with LIGHT • #JanuaryLights

My first entry in the month-long challenge #JanuaryLights hosted by the ever so gracious Becky!

Lest we forget, the ancient ritual of lighting fireworks is a Chinese one. Or so I’ve been told over and over by the Chinese side of my family, ever since I was a kid. Hence the noise of firecrackers, but moreover the displays of flashing light. Superstitious as I am, I used to believe in this ritual.
But somehow this year I didn’t light a single piece of fireworks. Lets see if I’ll survive this year. If this first month doesn’t pan out, I’ve always got a second chance roughly a month from now during Chinese New Year!

And if the people of The Hague felt this was coming, they lit more than enough this year to last anyone a lifetime. My ears are still ringing from the (highly illegal) ‘mortar bombs’ and just as illegal ‘butterfly bombs.’

Meanwhile feast your eyes on this attempt to scare ghosts with light:

Scare ghosts with light • #JanuaryLights
Scare the ghosts with LIGHT

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  1. ooh what clever fireworks . . and fabulous you have begun with firelights or should I say ghost lights too. Can’t wait to see what other words ending in light you come up with!

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