How do you remake magic? • Blogging Insights#7

How do you remake magic? • Blogging Insights#7

Dr Tanya – in her great blog Salted Caramel – has been running her Blogging Insights series for nearly three months. In this quest she has unearthed a wealth of insights from bloggers, and by keeping this all in-the-public-eye so to speak it can be of tremendous value for bloggers. Not in the least for rookie-bloggers like myself. So far she has fired off 11 salvo’s, or sets if you will, of questions. Some of these are pretty easy to answer. Others require some ‘soul-searching’. Now she has given us, who like myself are pretty new to this form of ‘mental exercise’, the opportunity to catch up with the front-runners.

So here is my answer to the 7th question:
How do you write fresh content when everything that is worth saying has already been said ?

For me, coming from the advertising world where everything worthwhile saying has been said dozens of times over, the real question behind Dr Tanya’s question is a different one.

Is it really about finding fresh content, or is it more about finding a fresh way of phrasing the same old tired content?

In my mind, isn’t this what we’re all struggling with from time to time? Or, taken this question and re-framing it slightly:

How do you remake magic when you (or somebody else) has struck gold the very first time?

Coca-Cola has started claiming Santa Claus (yes, I know, there are some pundits even claiming it invented Santa Claus), and they have more or less kept the same message, or content if you will, alive and kicking to this day.
The famous Coca-Cola Santa Claus is the brainchild of really three greats of the old advertising industry: Fred Mizen, Archie Lee and the Michigan native Haddon Sundblom.

How do you remake magic? • #Blogging Insights#7
Coca-Cola Santa Claus ad 1931
Coca-Cola Santa Claus ad 2019

Fresh consistency seems to be the key concept here. All very well for the one who first leveraged the magical story I can hear the critical reader think. All’s very well once you’ve ‘fathered’ the initial magic. Your only challenge then is to keep it the magic fresh. This is by no means a small feat however. Remember the (in my mind) equally great Polar Bears campaign? Which they let die because they couldn’t keep the magic fresh?

Consider yourself M&M’s trying to do a Santa Claus ad?

Sheer folly? This territory has been taken? There is simply no way in remaking the magic that Coke has so powerfully managed to keep consistent yet fresh?

W R O N G !

Try this one on for size:

M&M’s wonderful spin on Christmas

“Actually buddy, I think you made it even better’ is the wonderful last line in this TVC that sums it all up.

So here’s the stone old trick to answering this question with the same sentiment: ‘How do you remake magic?’ Do N O T go for fresh consistency. Forget about the last part. Find a different spin on the subject. Your spin.

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