Fandango’s Friday Flashback • January 3

Fandango’s Friday Flashback • January 3. Thanking whichever God I might believe in I was reminded of this by the WordPress reader. Not having blogged that long, I only have this post to share that dates back to a 3rd of a month.

Majestic Glow • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Majestic Glow • Tuesday Photo Challenge is my submission into Dutch goes the Photo challenge of the week. As usual, it is as brutally simple as imaginative: ‘I think that the interesting part of this challenge will be your choice of direction with the theme of Glow…will you opt for the glow of an ember, a firefly, or the glowing praise that is heaped on a great performance? There are many choices, so feel free to push the boundaries and shoot for that glowing review!’

Majestic Glow
Majestic Glow

Majestic Glow

Isn’t she just glowing majestically? I took this photo from a moving bus in the harbor of the City of Rotterdam. Hence the reflections at the bottom part. Incidentally, the ship named after the city was moored in its home harbor at the time we passed it. In order to make this lady glow like this I had to do some (extensive) post prod in Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I took the original photo with my iPhone XR.

For a peek at my previous submission in this Tuesday Photo Challenge, called Peace, click here.

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