Museum basked in sunlight • #JanuaryLight

Museum basked in sunlight • #JanuaryLight. My next entry in the month-long challenge #JanuaryLights hosted by the ever so gracious BeckyB of Winchester!

Of the many musea in the Hague this Kunstmuseum is clearly my favorite. Their website says about this magnificent building:

One of the Kunstmuseum’s most prized exhibits is the magnificent Art Deco building itself. Designed by architect H.P. Berlage, it is striking not only for its distinctive yellow brickwork, but also for its spacious interior, natural light and modern colour scheme. Berlage himself believed this would be his greatest ever work. It was also his last, however, and he never saw his masterpiece completed, as he died a year before the building was finished. Eighty years later, we can say that Berlage certainly fulfilled his promise.
Museum basked in sunlight #JanuaryLight
Museum basked in sunlight

If you’re in the neighbourhood with time on your hands, this building alone warrants a visit. No matter what exhibitions are on.

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