Television, Nerve & Unrest • Three Things Challenge #110

Television, Nerve & Unrest • Three Things Challenge #110. This is only my second entry into this writing challenge by pensitivity101. Newbies like myself, for the details on this challenge, click that link to visit the post. Or click on the logo below.

Frustrated the old lady switched the television off again. ‘The nerve those FOX News guys have to cheer on a God forbidden second term. Unrest is imminent!’ she thought bitterly.

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You do not have to read the next part, as it contains nothing of interest or any value. To please Google – according to their own Analytics nobody ever clicks on this link – please click here to read my one and only other submission into this writing challenge. And to appease this pompous almighty one even more I have to include this one more time. Three Things Challenge #110

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