WARNING: Window on nudity • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #79

Having lived on the border of the infamous Red Light District in Amsterdam for years, this edition of Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – a window with a view – took me immediately back to that period. Pounds upon pounds of female flesh – sitting or standing behind windows – gazed upon by either largely male or tourist crowds. When living there, there’s is absolutely no sexual lure whats however. Instead I learned much of these ladies’ first names, and from some even their background on my walks from where I had parked my car to home. Waving to them, chatting with them and even having coffee with them. But rest assured, that was as far as my interactions with these ladies went.

WARNING: Window on nudity

But rather than photograph them, which feels kind of cheap and easy, I found the below picture in my files. It reminded me of a stupid little ‘joke’ of one male duck saying to another when the bouncer of a strip club had refused them: ‘let’s go to China Town. They display the ladies nude there in the window of restaurants’. You’re not laughing…good…always thought this was a little too pathetic to become so popular is those days.

Window with a view 1 • Lens-Artists #79
Waiting to become a Peking Duck

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