Psychedelic Ride • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Psychedelic Ride • Tuesday Photo Challenge is my submission into Dutch goes the Photo challenge – Transport. Frank’s photo of the brought back memories of this ride in a Bangkok tuk-tuk. I was in a bit of a hurry that time, and had told the driver to ‘hurry hurry, chop chop’. It didn’t fell on deaf man’s ears so to speak; switching lanes continuously while doing 70 km/h, running red lights etc. etc.

Psychedelic Ride • Tuesday Photo Challenge

All the time Jim Morrison was squealing loudly on the sound system ‘Riders on the storm’, on repeat that is. After it had come on for the third time, it popped into my head that Jim Morrison had died at 27. And somehow I realized my time hadn’t come yet. And while still needing both hands to keep myself from falling off, I relaxed. A bit.

After tipping him handsomely for getting me there on time, I asked him why that song was on repeat. Smilingly he answered he liked the line ‘There’s a killer on the road…’

It sure was the most psychedelic ride of my life…

Of note: this photo was taken with an iPhone 4 and is the original. I haven’t tweaked or color corrected it in post!

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