Hotel New York Doors • Thursday Doors

‘Hotel New York Doors’ is the entry for January 23, 2020 Thursday Doors. Hosted by Norm 2.0.

Recently I spent a couple of nights at the Hotel New York in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This hotel used to be the head office of the Holland America Line. Passengers to New York were waved off and returning passengers were welcomed here.

Hotel New York • Thursday Doors
Hotel New York

Strangely enough, none of the entrance doors are located at the front of the building. All are located at both sides of the building.

The rather modest hotel entrance
The other side • Hotel New York • Thursday Doors
The other side…

So far for this Hotel New York Doors entry into Thursday Doors.

You can safely ignore this piece as it’s only here to appease Google and the likes. But if you really want to see my last entry into Thursday Doors, you can find it here.

6 thoughts on “Hotel New York Doors • Thursday Doors

  1. Interesting – I expected this building to be in Amsterdam – oh wait, is this the cruise (boat) company, and not the plane company? You can tell after having lived on the other side of the pond for so long, details disappear. Some nice and interesting doors!

  2. Exactly the kind of majestic building you’d expect to see housing a company from the golden age of ocean travel.
    Lovely shots 🙂

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