Leading Lines • Lens-Artists Challenge #80

Leading Lines • Lens-Artists Challenge #80. In this week’s edition Tina’s line ‘It’s not so much what you put into your image as it is where you want the viewer’s eye to go and how you get them there’ almost leapt off the page.

Mehr Licht • Leading Lines • Lens-Artists#80
Mehr Licht

Paradoxically, the way (I think) the leading lines in this photo work is that they initially draw the eye to the left, into the direction of ‘Mehr’ (meaning more), the darker side of the photo. Only in the second instance the eye moves to the lighter side of the image. Towards the word “LICHT’, meaning light.

Cuban dusk • Water Water Everywhere
Clothes Line

In this photo with a leading lines story there’s no such paradox I think. The eye moves along the clothes line from the darker left side to the lighter right side. Only then it ‘tumbles downward’ into the lake and only then moves to the right.

Willemsbrug • Leading Lines • Lens-Artists#80
Willemsbrug Rotterdam

In this photo the leading lines speak for them self. The eye is drawn towards the center of the photo.

So far for my viewpoint on Leading Lines for Lens-Artists #80. You can find more entries in photo challenges here.

12 thoughts on “Leading Lines • Lens-Artists Challenge #80

  1. I think the eye travels left to right in your opener because first, we read that way and second, the shadow actually creates a leading line. Loved your thoughtful analysis on this Tiong

    1. Sorry Tina, I learned reading right to left. Beside that my advertising background taught me the eye travels from light to darkness. It’s only natural. Open to further debate on this Tina 🤓

  2. 🤓that actually occurred to me (the reading) but that’s the first I’d heard about light. I’m taking your input and adding it to my bag of tricks Tiong!

  3. This is both clever and interesting! Great take on the challenge – and a good reminder what different cultures can do to our observation, thinking and mind. I would not have thought about the potentials of reading right to left! Thank you, Tiong!

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