Reflection • Photo for the Week #52

Reflection • Photo for the Week #52 is my entry into this weekly challenge by Brashley Photography.

Reflections • Photo of the Week • E-type

A bit of a dichotomy in terms of reflections: in the left fender of this gorgeous E-Type V12 Coupe the reflection of barren trees. On top of the right fender that of the signage of the workshop.

Reflections of self

Reflection of the skylight of the workshop, as well as self in the trunk lid of a Mark III.

Reflections skylight

More reflections of the skylight. This time captured on the hood of a Jaguar street racer in for a tune up after it had participated in the Mille Miglia street race.

Reflections sun • Photo of the Week

Reflection of the sun in the door style of an 4.2 liter E-Type Coupe. And a shadow of self.

So much for this Photo for the Week entry. For more reflections, click here

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