Monday Mural • Capriole Café parking area

Monday Mural • Capriole Café parking area

I discovered this mural on the parking lot in the Binckhorst in The Hague. I shot this photo without giving it much thought. Primarily because I liked it and its ‘purity’. Meaning it had not been mutilated by graffiti signs of the less talented. But this challenge did me do some searching into its artist, and behold, he truly is an artist. Do check out

Monday Mural• Capriole Cafe parking area mural
Monday Mural• Capriole Café parking area mural

Discovered on October 5, 2019.

Entry in Sami’s challenge 27 January.

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  1. It’s quite beautiful and the artist’s other murals are very nice too.
    Thanks for your visit and for participating, hope to see you again on Mondays 🙂

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