Queen of Lazy Mischief • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Queen of Lazy Mischief • Tuesday Photo Challenge is my submission into Dutch goes the Photo challenge – Cat. Meet Snotje, a.k.a. the Queen of Lazy Mischief. The vet estimates her to be somewhere between 7 and 9 years of age. Her exact age will remain a mystery.

Queen of Lazy Mischief • Tuesday Photo Challenge
Queen of Lazy Mischief • Tuesday Photo Challenge

I ‘found’ Snotje (Sniffy) in an animal shelter roughly two years ago. My girlfriend and I thought it would be a good idea if I adopted a stray cat to have ‘someone’ to care for (we’re not living together). ‘Someone’ who would return some love and attention.

Walking around the shelter I didn’t find the one that made go ‘yes, that’s the one.’ Until we came across her. Thing was however that, while I was immediately attracted to her, the lady who showed us around actually advised against her. She didn’t likepeople that much, and she had a urinary infection. The attraction was mutual it appeared, as I had no problem stroking her. To the lady’s complete surprise.

To cut a long story short, I was finally able to take her home a couple of weeks later. She put on at least a kilo in weight (she weighs in around 5 kilo or so).

While she sleeps most of the afternoon, in the morning she demands attention. Undivided attention preferably. When I’m behind my Mac she demonstratively sits down in front of the screen and after I’ve convinced her there are other places to sit down she haughtily walks off… Over my keyboard.

Almost a daily routine. Just as I’m reading on the couch and not giving her majesty the attention she thinks she deserves, invariably I hear something falling elsewhere in the apt. When I walk over to inspect, most of the time she just passes me with an air of ‘I hate to tell you I told you so, but I did bloody well tell you…’

Needless to say I never regretted adopting her for a second.

Took this photo with a Leica V-LUX 2 and it is the original. I haven’t tweaked or color corrected it in post!

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