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‘Hidden Gem’ is the entry for January 30, 2020 Thursday Doors. Hosted by Norm 2.0.

In downtown the Hague many, if not all who don’t know its secret, walk past this rather bland door, without wondering what the name “Rusthof” (“Retreat”) actually entails.

Just a non-descript door • Thursday Doors
Just a nondescript door • Thursday Doors

When you step through that door its secret is not immediately revealed. You enter a rater dark, damp and mouldy passageway leading to…

A passageway, to...
A passageway to… • Thursday Doors

The gem that lies at the end of it…

The hidden gem • Thursday Doors
…the hidden gem • Thursday Doors

This used to be a retreat for elderly spinsters. Wikipedia sums it up as:

Rusthof is one of the approximately ten charity courts in The Hague. It is located at Parkstraat 41-61, right next to the Sint-Jacobus church.

Elisabeth Groen van Prinsterer – van der Hoop, the wife of Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer, founded this retreat/courtyard on 15 April 1841. She used money from her father-in-law’s legacy for this.

While the old tenants had to pay one guilder a week, for which they, apart from shelter, received meat, poultry and fuel for cooking and heating.’

To this day the houses in the Rusthof are rented out, solely to single female residents. Men are simply not allowed inside any of the houses. And that is as much of the story of this hidden gem that I could uncover. The Hague has approx. a total of 10 of these retreats for single and elderly women.

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  1. A hidden gem indeed. I hope you didn’t get into trouble for trespassing though. Thursday Doors does not have a budget for bail money 😉

  2. I didn’t know The Hague has hofjes too, just like Haarlem and Utrecht. And Amsterdam. It makes sense, I’ve just never heard about them. Beautiful!

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