Melancholic Light • #JanuaryLight

Melancholic Light is my last entry into the #JanuaryLight challenge by Becky B. of Winchester for Jan. 31.

Thank you Becky for being such a formidable host!

Melancholic Light seems to be fiitting the closure of this challenge. In the opening of the opera described below melancholic was described as a feeling of missing something essential, but you have no idea what that is exactly.

Opera Melancholica

These photos were taken only two nights ago at a performance of Opera Melancholica. (A.k.a. the anatomical theatre of the human mind.) This site says the following: ‘Through cinematic minimal music by composer Philip Glass and a story by the ‘Master of the Macabre’ Edgar Allan Poe you will be presented with fantastic visions and horrifying delusions live at the theatre.’

It continues with ‘The production focuses on the Dutch première of Glass’s compelling opera in two acts ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’, with a libretto by Arthur Yorinks based on Poe’s story. The piece portrays the melancholiac pur sang Roderick Usher and his twin sister Madeline, who in this production is rendered by both a soprano and a female dancer. We will immerse you in Usher’s melancholia and show you all corners of the human mind: Opera Melancholica.
Melancholia is a human trait. We are able to look at our life and to realise that we are mortal. We harbour lucid dreams of a better world and life after death. Overwhelming views, but we pay a price for those ideals: the fear and wistfulness when we have returned to harsh reality. That is, if we can find our way back…’

Opera Melancholica • #JanuaryLight Square
Melancholic Light • the stage • #JanuaryLight
Melancholic Light • the skull • #JanuaryLight

Can you make any sense of it? Because after have seeing this ‘melancholic opera’, I’m not sure whether I’ve seen the melancholic light. I’ve seen. But don’t let that put you off though. Even then it was a spectacle worth seeing and of course listening to.

As a closing remark I’d like to say T H X A G A I N B E C K Y for initiating and hosting this #JanuaryLight photo challenge.

You can find one of my previous submissions in this challenge here.

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  1. awwww thank you so much for your lovely words, and for being such a fabulous squares participant. You have been brilliant, and what a wonderful thought provoking piece to finish with – a perfect choice

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