Miura in Red • Lens-Artists Challenge #81

Miura in Red • Lens-Artists Challenge #81. In this edition Patti invites us ‘to a photo scavenger hunt to find things that are red. I have this thing for Italian sports cars in red. British, German, even American sports cars don’t look so naturally good in red. It is as if they were designed in this color. So in this 81st edition of the Lens-Artists photo challenge it’s high time to feature the most beautiful sportscar ever made,the Lamborghini Miura. Now that this legendary – and at the time revolutionary – beauty is almost 55 years old!
It’s been a childhood dream of mine to ever own one. A dream that will stay a dream I’m afraid, since the Miura auctions for around US$ 2 million!

So i had to do a scavenger hunt on the net for photos. The one and only time I sat in a Miura is some 20 years ago when the owner broke all records in a drive around Lago di Ledro in Italy.

Miura en face • Lens-Artists#81
Miura in Red, en face • Lens-Artists#81

As said, by far the most beautiful sports car ever built, the Miura was designed by the studios of Nuccio Bertone. Designer Marcello Gandini is most credited with the car’s gorgeous shape.

Miura in Red en profile
Miura in Red, en profile

It took just four months to turn an experimental chassis into this beautiful road car that debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in 1971. Note for the puritans: it was shown there in a hideous shade of green, Verde Metallizata. But in my mind there’s only one Miura. A Miura in red.

Miura in Red at an angle
Miura in Red at an angle

For the photo credits: Miura in Red, en face click here. The other 2 photos click here.

So far for Miura in Red for this Lens-Artists Challenge #81. You can find more entries in photo challenges here.

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  1. A very clever response and quite a beautiful car. Must admit I’d not heard of it. Sadly I must admit you’re right, other red cars seem not to have been designed for the color

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