Cry for Action • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Cry for Action • Tuesday Photo Challenge is my submission into Dutch goes the Photo challenge – Action. Ive taken a slight slant on the word ‘action’. I was walking around the city of Rotterdam at the end of January. What was unavoidably to notice was the cry for some action of shopkeepers in their (losing?) battle against online sales.

Action7 • Tuesday Photo Challenge
Action6 • Tuesday Photo Challenge.jpeg

Two things surprised me:
1. the variety of outlets. While my impression was that clothing stores were having to resort to these tactics, what I saw was electronics stores all the way to a jewelry store aggressively discounting their wares.
2. the use of the English language. But I guess it’s a bit more chic to use another language…

Took these photos with a Leica V-LUX 2. I haven’t tweaked or color corrected them in post!

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