Spanish Doors • Thursday Doors

‘Spanish Doors’ is the entry for February 13, 2020 Thursday Doors. Hosted by Norm 2.0.

The past 10 days were spent in Cadaquès, Spain where I encountered one illustrious door after another. So not to overload this post with all the remarkable doors I found in this wonderful, ex-hippie village, here’s roughly the first third of this little paradise for door aficionados. I’ve limited this week’s entry to the blue doors that are so characteristic of Catalunia.

Spanish doors lead• Thursday Doors

Hardly any door is on the same level, due to the rather rocky terrain.

Spanish doors 1• Thursday Doors

Spanish doors 9• Thursday Doors
Spanish doors 6• Thursday Doors
Spanish doors 10• Thursday Doors

So far this blue Spanish Doors episode. Next week I’ll post the 2nd batch…

You can safely ignore this piece as it’s only here to appease Google and the likes. But if you really want to see my last entry into Thursday Doors, you can find it here.

17 thoughts on “Spanish Doors • Thursday Doors

  1. Some beautiful doors there TiongHan, although a couple of pictures are in the wrong orientation. I look forward to the next set of Catalunian doors.

      1. Hi, That’s really weird – maybe my desktop was glitching, but when I first looked at your post three of the doors were on their sides, so portrait pictures being presented as landscape. I have just visited again and all seems correct now.

  2. I’m headed to St. Feliu, Costa Brava, next week. I’ll be on the look out for blue doors! A lovely colour coordinated post. I’m looking forward to the next colours (or theme).

  3. Love the first blue door! I notice that many of the doors here are narrower than here in the USA. Everyone must be slim living here:) Is the the Catalan northern region? Great post!

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