Insane51 Berlin Mural • Monday Mural

Insane51 Berlin Mural • Monday Mural.

We found this mural at the foot of the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin.

Berlin Mural • Monday Mural

With the help of scooj ( and see his comment below) the artist is a Greek by the name Insane51. It is kind of a 3D mural, with a blue lens you get to see the woman, with a red lens her skeleton.

Sami then pointed this YouTube video out:

Insane51 Berlin Mural

That also led me to his video of how he makes his art:

How Insane51 works…

Discovered on December 3, 2018. Entry in Sami’s challenge February 17. For more of my entries, see for instance this.

All-in-all I find this ‘collaboration’ of an Insane51 fan for this Monday Mural post truly great!

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  1. Fabulous find. The mural is by Insane 51 and needs to be viewed through a blue filter and then a red filter to see two different pictures. So clever.

  2. Skeleton divers? blowing bubbles? That’s mind-bending. Sorry I don’t have any 3D glasses.

    best… mae at

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