Salvador Dali’s Doors • Thursday Doors

‘Salvador Dali’s Doors’ is the entry for February 20, 2020 Thursday Doors. Hosted by Norm 2.0.

Last week I posted some blue doors that I encountered in Cadaquès, Catalunia, Spain. This week’s post is centered around the doors of Salvador Dali’s house there.

Salvador Dali's doors 1 • Thursday Doors
Museum entrance door

Fortunately I was able to capture these doors in the patina they’re in. I was told by the foreman of the crew doing renovations the doors would be painted blue again.

Salvador Dali's doors 3 • Thursday Doors-2
The official front door of his house

Don’t you just love this patina?

Salvador Dali's Doors • Thursday Doors
The door of the ticket office

To put everything into a bit of context, here are two photos of the house.

Salvador Dali's House 1 • Thursday Doors
Salvadore Dali's house 2 • Thursday Doors

You can safely ignore this piece as it’s only here to appease Google and the likes. But if you really want to see my last entry into Thursday Doors, you can find it here.

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