Cadaquès Graveyard • Tuesday Photo Challenge

Cadaquès Graveyard • Tuesday Photo Challenge is my submission into Dutch goes the Photo challenge – Yard. To come up with a ‘spin’ on ‘yard’ I did not have to go back far. On a short break in Cadaquès, Catalunia, Spain we came upon this wonderful chapel, the Church of Sant Baldiri.

Cadaquès Church
Church of Sant Baldiri

We followed the road on the left of it, and the first thing we saw was a gate to the graveyard behind it, the Cementiri de Cadaqués.

Cadaquès gate to graveyard • Tuesday Photo Challenge
A view to the graveyard

Approximately ten yards (forgive the pun) away there was this little window in the wall.

Cadaquès Graveyard window

Another ten yards or so away was the main entrance to this Cadaquès graveyard.

Cadaquès main entrance to graveyard
Main entrance

The gates were all locked when we were there, so for a look inside click here and scroll down a wee bit. Or click here to see the photos on TripAdvisor.

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  1. Looks like we both had the thoughts of graveyards today. I too love the old cemeteries for the historical facts and the peace surrounding them.

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